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Corrupted server id file
~Keiko Rejipyvitchetsi 01/19/2004 04:46 AM
Domino Server All Releases Windows 2000; Windows NT

Hi all,

I am in a fix now after migrating my R506 server to ND 6.5. On the old release the HTTP task was running properly, but after migration when the HTTP task starts, the processor utilization goes to 100%.

I after checking all the possible options, I reached at a conclusion that my server id file has got the problem. I tried to restore all the possible server id files, which were there in the backup, but was of no use.

Now I am thinking to reregister the server with the same name and changing the server document in the AB.

Can any one tell me, what will possibilities I will need to take in to consideration before doing it like, Public & private key will be changed in the server id file and AB and also whether I should do it or not.

Any help comments will be really appreciated..

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